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Tally. ERP 9 The Perfect Business Management Solution

Tally provides enterprise resource planning software. The main motto of this software is to provide ease to the companys accounting and material management. Firstly, Tally software was developed and with its usage, currently more features added to this software. The latest version of tally is Tally ERP-9. Tally ERP-9 offers a complete business management solution. It supports multi user login along with single user login simultaneously. The complete help to manage the business operation provided by Tally ERP System. No Need to Work manually due to the ease provided by this software. It helps in error free and easiness in maintaining the operations. This software handles from managing the inventories to the finance of the company. The main features of Tally ERP-9 software are

The software is handling accounting one has to put in the details of the company’s finance. The cash flow in and out of the company can easily managed, as the company grows the more complexities come up and cash in and out flow have to be maintained. How much is received and paid is all shown by this software in ledger & Balance. One Can Know Pending amount of the client or to the client by this Software. One Can See Credit and debit limits of money for the client or the company, Loss and profit percentage gained at the end of month, quarterly or yearly by generating reports. Reports can also be generated which is very helpful to the company in every manner. Invoice can be generated quickly inclusive of tax and value your customers time.

Sales part plays an important role for the company, as it is the major parts of the company to get the fund. To manage these sales, tally helps you in every way. It Helps You to Achieve Desired Targets, by deciding how many sales needs to be complete at the end of Month. One Can Generate Sales Report to See Final Sale at the end of the month. So through this reports, one can know how much sales is done and next month target can be set for the employee. Looking at the sales of the company budget Can Be Seen in the software. It also estimates profitable items invoice wise and look out for the non-performing products

The major challenge faced by the bigger companies is about managing the stock. As the company is growing the stock also increases.to get more turnover stock investment is also necessary. Tally helps you keep the records of stock and gives information about which stock can get the maximum sales for the company and how much amount stock is wastage or currently not in demand. Managing stock manually is tedious task and increases the worker involvement in managing the stock, which ultimately leads to the payment to the workers. Godown management, client order processing of the stock, pricing and values of the inventories, type wise separation of the inventories can all be manage effortlessly.

Tax paying on the regular basis for the company is must. According to the statutory regulations, one must be aware about it. Regulations keeps on changing and the company should be aware about it round the clock. Tally gives you update on your device immediately to keep you updated with the regulations. As discussed above it also helps in billing as the tax are directly counted during the billing process. Forms for the tax paying and e-filing, paying taxes on time can all be handled by this software.

This Software Manages Payroll of the employees in the company. It Also Helps in Managing Payslips of Employees & Workers, Their Salary Computations and PF deduction. This Software Allows to Create, Store & Maintain Employee details records like passport, visa and work permit details. It Computes Employee leaves also. It Helps in Doing Salary Revision, increment, incentives and other things related to the employees. In and all, tally ERP-9 is complete solution for managing business operations either on a smaller scale or larger scale.

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Tally Server 9

Tally server 9 is the product by tally for the companies having larger group and multiple users for their growing business needs. The main aim of Tally server 9 is to handle multi user task at one time. It gives accessibility to tally ERP-9 with multiple user access. Multiple users can work at the same time, increase the work capability and complete the needs for the company. Users at a same time can generate reports, can do billing, entry of new invoice, can import data, print reports, backup data and many such other related work can be done simultaneously. Features of Tally Server 9 are here below.

Multiple users can complete the task at same time. One can also perform other data related activities without any downtime or wait state. Two users working on the same file, if any one user updates some changes the other user can immediately see the changes. With the greater speed of task completion and zero downtime, Tally Server 9 ensures optimal utilization of person-hours for the organization and efficient working facilities.

As it supports multiple user access, data protection plays an important role. Tally server 9 supports data protection in multiple ways. It allows one user to set the permission for the file for the access by multiple users. Files Access can be password protected by user. An individual login-password provided to User and it have access to specific functionality according to his role for the company. Administrator rights are reserved, so the head of the company can view that complete company operations.

Users can identify issues such as person-hours necessary for business functions and further optimize the software to make the process quicker. The administrator can monitor the current process going on by the users. Instantaneous speed of operation enables the user to immediate access of information at your fingertips. This helps for quick decisions and thus reducing the turn-around time for business operation..

Tally.NET Subscription Provides enhanced capabilities

A set of value added service that provided in tally ERP-9 is Tally .NET subscription. It has two-component architecture, which delivers unparalleled service for the clients.

Tally.NET Subscription Provides enhanced capabilities


As tally ERP-9 provides the feature of accessing data from anywhere anytime, it ensures that your data remains with you only. The data is not stored on tally server or on the device from where you are accessing your data remotely.


INTEGRATED SUPPORT SERVICE This feature provides you the quick support to the Tally customer centre to fix the query directly. It enables the user to report the query directly within the product. User can also do this remotely. The user can also track their queries once they have reported successfully. All the conversations, which ease the process of solving the queries and other issues faced by the users using the system, centrally done in this support.


It is useful to exchange data between two or more Tally licenses implemented at different location. Tally.NET is a technology, which powers revolutionary capabilities like continuous upgrades and updates, central incorporation of branch data, central deployment of Customisation, instant support within the product, which in all enhances the business performance..


This service provides a central control service, which enables the user to solve issue using admin credentials or the account belonging to them. Because of this feature time, communication and travel cost can reduced. Installation of tally ERP- 9 can be done efficiently and it provides these features: • Manage Licenses • Perform Central Configuration • Manage Users • Manage Company Profile • Manage Accounts • Change Passwords • Maintain Activity History


The users can easily know instant product updates and upgrades.


Support Centre is an excellent feature integrated within Tally ERP 9 which enables you to report and track queries from within Tally ERP 9. The queries you post go directly to your regular Tally Service Provider (or any other Tally Service Provider, if it is your first query) and get immediate solutions to all your queries. Your queries can be reported and viewed remotely and you can use the reference number/ ticket number to escalate the issue to Tally’s Customer Centre if required.