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Frequently Asked question

Enable VAT (value added tax) by choosing YES option ENABLE VALUE ADDED TAX. For every state the classification is different. Select the option Set / Alter VAT details to YES to activate or view details.
Yes you can get all the VAT included in the invoice while generating. You have to upload your taxation files software and it automatically takes the details.IT counts the taxes to be included and is shown in the bill when generated.
Two types of reports can be generated in tally for VAT • VAT computation Report • VAT Returns
Tally offers a feature named Tally Vault. The safety and security of company is very crucial part. This Vault feature allows encrypting the company data which ensure the data protection. Decrypted form of data is never stored in the system. It also uses the non-stored password mechanism. This is done by using highly advanced mechanisms to validate a new user who doesn’t have any usernames or password records before.
? Tally offers flexible backup mechanism from one storage medium to another. Following shows to steps of backup in tally 1. From the Gateway of Tally, click on the button F3: Cmp (??) Info provided in the buttons toolbar or Press Alt+F3 using the keyboard. 2. Select Backup. 3. In the Backup Companies on Disk screen, the path in the Source field will be the current data path. 4. In the Destination field, specify the path where the data backup has to be stored. 5. Select the companies to backup. 6. Accept the screen.
Yes, there is a provision to restore backup of all the companies. The procedures to restore data remains same, This can be achieved by selecting the option All Items displayed in List of Companies.
If multiple companies are added in Tally you can delete one of the companies when not in need. Tally has kept option hidden for deleting the company. Once this action is done and backup is not taken you cannot restore it. Following are steps:- • Load the company you want to delete. • From the gateway of Tally, Press Alt + F3 Shortcut key of click on Alt+F3 company info. - ?? • Now press Alt+D Shortcut Key • First confirmation message ‘Delete’ will be asked by Tally. • Click on Yes or Press enter or press Y from your Key board. • Second confirmation message will be asked ‘Are you sure?’. • Repeat the previous action Click on Yes • The company will be deleted. Do we really need to show all the steps of wizard?
Group and ledger both are helpful to make simple category of our assets, liabilities, income and expenditures into current and fixed asset, direct and indirect expenses, loss and income. Tally provides us 23 automatic groups for ledger creation. But tally provides only 2 ledger account in tally software and its names are cash are?? profit and loss account.
The following Provident Fund Reports are available : EPF Computation report Form 5 Form 10 Form 12A PF Monthly Statement Form 3A Form 6
Professional Tax is applicable to the individuals or professionals in India who are involved in any profession or trade. The state government governs and administers the levy and collection of Professional Tax for the respective State. The state empowered with the responsibility of structuring as well as formulating the professional tax criteria for the respective state. Professional tax is charged on the incomes of Individuals, profits of business or gains in vocations. In Tally ERP 9, the Professional Tax Report is generated based on the Slab Rates defined in the Professional Tax Ledger and it captures the amount of Professional Tax deducted under each slab rate.
Yes, Tally provides the feature of setting credit limit for trading transactions. On setting this, transaction above that limit is restricted. In following manner credit limit is set: • Select YES for Maintain budgets and controls in Accounting Features.
Yes, Tally allows creating and doing transactions for multicurrency. It makes easy to manage multiple currencies by automatically calculating the exchange rates, base currency, and automatic conversion of any currency to do the transaction in specific currency. Generating invoice for foreign customers in their currency. Gain or loss in Forex is also shown. - ?? last line I dint understand. Is it in continuity of last line?
Tally allows you to add post-dated entries. if you have received or issued post-dated cheques and want to make entry, you can add it. This will not affect the current accounting. A post-dated voucher is to be created in accounting vouchers.
Tally Audit is a feature provided by Tally to check the accuracy of entries made by authorized users using Tally. This allows the administrator to alter the entries or do the required changes if any. This feature can be enabled by doing this steps • Click Company Info. • Select companies form List Of Companies. • Use Security Control set this feature to YES. • Enter the administrator credentials. • Activate the Tally Audit Feature to YES.
• Owner level Owner level security allows the owner to access all the features of Tally ERP except Tally Audit and company alteration which are reserved for Administrator. • Data Entry level This level has restricted access but can be modified by the admistrator whenever required.